Sunday, June 28, 2009

So what your saying is most parents don't refer to their children as aids tested monkeys?

Pet names are a big thing in this family. The sillier they are the more love there is behind them. My husband fondly calls me crackhead, hot pants, sexy llama butt and so on. In return I refer to him as little lumpkin butt, my lamal (love of my life but with my spelling errors), cocky locky, my chocolate love torpedo etc. It only made sense that as soon as our daughter was born that we should shower her with our terms of love. Which is why I called her my little aids tested monkey.

No one seems to understand how we could call our little cherry blossom such a thing. Children should be called precious (which we do call her but we say it in the lord of the rings voice 'my precccciiooous), handsome, little man, princess etc. Occasionally we will call her a generic term. This typically occurs when we are sleep deprived and calling her "it" doesn't seem quite right.

I think our loving pet names fail to settle with some people. My one girlfriend's baby became cursed with the pet name Yoda. I don't think she was terribly pleased with this. I however think her child is the most adorable thing and I just want to shake him like a magic eight ball until he tells me my future (see this is the weird stuff I'm talking about). I haven't even seen Star Wars so I'm not quite sure who Yoda is. But I think he's some wise person, yes? Sensing that she did not seem quite at ease with the nickname I changed it to peanut brain. This is the exact opposite of Yoda and really doesn't sit well on my tongue. So I made up another one a few weeks later. That didn't work either. I suppose I could call him by his birth name but where is the fun in that? Mentally I will always call him Yoda and sing the Weird Al song in my head Ya-ya-ya-Yoda!

So in conclusion, since this post has gone no where, I like to express my love in weird ways. I'm usually a very serious individual and goofy nicknames make me smile. And nothing makes me happier then changing a horrible leaky, stinky diaper then calling my daughter (in the same baby ga ga ga voice you guys use) a little shit. She looks up at me with her big blue eyes, pees on my carpet and smiles. She smiles because she knows that is exactly what she is and we love her for it!

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